18: David Zamarin | Founder of Detrapel

Johnathan Gryzbowski

April 25, 2016

The 18 year old senior at Masterman High School, sold his first business during his freshman year in high school! Where kids that age are struggling to find their voices, David Zamarin was motivated to provide a life for himself and his family. Most stories of entrepreneurship start around the age of 18, but with David, it started shortly after he was born.

At an early age, David was raised by a family of immigrants. His parents got a divorce at an early age and his grand parents had a huge role in raising David.

David mentions the amount of sacrifice that his family endured in order to provide an incredible foundation for his life. This sacrifice has been David’s core motivation factor and a life lesson that he is proud of. Where most individuals may see struggle as a negative, David turned it into a positive. Because of his mom constantly working, in upwards of 15 hours a day, he learned how to be independent. Being that he didn’t have the finances behind him, David realized that if he wanted to do something in life, it required a ridiculous work ethic. One of David’s earliest hustles was when he convinced his grandmother to sell ice pops during the summer throughout his neighborhood in Philadelphia.

As a young mother, his mother struggled financially but always had a core emphasis on education. David plans to take this along with him onto his next adventure in college. Throughout his newer journey’s in Detrapel, David feels as if he needs to give back to his family. Being one of the founders of an early stage startup and having contracts with major retailers may sound impossible for most teenagers, but for David. It’s just another accomplishment to add on his already impressive resume.

During our talk David mentioned his daily schedule. Here is a quick glimpse of his daily life:

6:00am Wake Up
6:45am Take the train for school where David answers email
3:00pm Done school
4:00pm Sports
6:00pm Networking/emails/home
10:00-12:00pm Bed (hopefully)

David is incredible young man. Someone who I have had the pleasure to know for some time now. Listen at the 26 minute to learn more from David:


Don’t be Scared and Just Get Started

“Failure cant be an option in your mind, failure will happen, but you cant think twice about the opportunity. if you think so much about that one idea, then there’s a chance that your fear could be worth it…”

Google The Hell Out of Your Life

“Philadelphia is never recognized as an entrepreneurial city, but it’s growing. Use your resources, follow the basic steps, and connect with people that can give you advice. Chambers of commerce, networking groups, and events are great places to start. Don’t forget, It’s ok to ask for help. Even if it’s a dumb question, don’t be afraid to just ask. Google will help you with all of the questions you may have in life…”

Invest Your Time Wisely in Your Startup

“There will be a lot of things you’re gonna do that may not be necessary, even when you think its necessary. That’s why having mentors are important. A lot of people think you need a website, before they have a product…”

One of David’s failures was that he has a website but never had a product. It ultimately hindered David’s business because he got too many orders in before he even had product available. “If you don’t have a product, you don’t have a business. Be efficient!”