105: Cauveé | Founder of Cauveé LLC

Johnathan Gryzbowski

September 8, 2017

Number one would be to surround yourself with phenomenal people; in other words, network. In my words: Birds of a feather, fly high together. You can use that network in order to bring additional value to your clients; that will take you so far. Secondly, sometimes it will take expertise and wisdom that you don’t have. Therefore, you’ll want to have a board of mentors or coaches that have the expertise in, and even out, of your industry. As for number 3, I would say that patience is a process. It’s a process of pain, it’s a development journey. You would need to be comfortable with knowing that there will be times you will cry. There will be times in which you are triumphant, times in which you will hurt, wins and losses. You will need to be full cognizant of those things.