128: Brian Gruber | CEO of Lucky Orange

Johnathan Gryzbowski

December 5, 2017

On Today’s Episode With Brian Gruber:

1. Turning a bobby into a full scale SAAS Business

2. Creating a scalable system thats valuable to others

3. Finding that inner kid voice

How Lucky Orange Was Able to Achieve Your First 100 Customers?

“I noticed that there was a lot of traction in the beginning from coding those earlier sites. At times, I was even told that my sites were too cheap as well.

The main thing was turning it from a hobby into full-fledged business. There was a point at which there was enough customers and traction for me to decide whether this was still a hobby or business. After a few initial struggles, I got some added help from my brother in law. With his help, we were able to transform this hobby into an actual company; I can definitely see the difference. It all comes down to creating good systems and good processes that can bring more people in and still work really well.”

What is one scalable process that has enabled Lucky Orange to be where you are today?

“A large part of our customers come from word of mouth – that’s where the bulk of our customers came from that in the beginning. People started using it and shared it based on the fact that they thought it had value; value is the key thing here. We also did a lot of strategic partnerships: our app has even been featured on Shopify. For enterprise customers, we have a sales team to handle them. The point is that, there’s no one way that we use to scale; we do whatever it takes.” Says Brian Gruber

The first thing is that you need to figure out the value that whatever you create tends to have, if you plan to make money of it. You need to find value, so that others can find value in it as well and appreciate it. If it doesn’t work out, move on and learn from it; I wouldn’t call it a failure. Secondly, don’t be too quick to seek out capital; it’s more importance to show that you can bring in revenue first. After all, it’s all about looking into the future where it comes to planning with giving people jobs. Lastly, trust your gut. Do not ignore that inner voice – it’s there for a reason.” Continued Brian.