Why Most Businesses Get Poor Results With Social Media Advertising with Azriel Ratz

Johnathan Gryzbowski

September 18, 2018

Azriel Ratz’s Insight on Getting That Facebook Sale

In general, my advice to businesses is to not attempt to make their first sale a result of a Facebook ad. There are plenty of organic methods to sell your product. It could be posting your product enough times on Instagram while using a hashtag. It could be joining a few Facebook groups about your topic, and you’ll find the people that you want to reach. Try to focus on gathering as many people organically as possible; if you can understand how it happens organically, you can replicate it by using Facebook Ads.

There was a client that I had in which they sold a product that was like a computer in a box. If seen as a normal toy, parents wouldn’t necessarily buy it as it was $300 product. But if marketed as an educational product, people would have more incentive to buy. I sat down with the CEO and asked a very simple question: How did your product sell organically?

He walked me through his process – they have an article on TechCrunch which people tend to read and find the company. Then, they would find the product through Amazon and find positive reviews. Next, they would find family or friends that would have already bought the product. Then, the person checks social media to see if the computer toy was ever mentioned, followed by tagging relevant people. Finally, the product is purchased. I realized, based on what that CEO told me, it could be replicated with Facebook Ads.