Blind Entrepreneurship is the action of running your business/going to work every single day, but not knowing what is going to happen to your business tomorrow.

Simply put: Most businesses fail because they do not have the right support system and centers of influence in their lives.

You see it often. You come up with this amazing idea, but get talked off the ledge due to a lack of support from your family. Or maybe you had a bad day, you try to voice your opinion on the matter, only to receive a half-hearted answer due to lack of understanding. Or maybe it’s the worst thing of all, people doubting you, you doubting you, asking yourself the questions of:

“Can I do this?”

“Am I able to over come this?”

“Is this a risk I’m willing to take?”

Johnathan Grzybowski has interviewed some of the top entrepreneurs across the globe to help YOU cure blindness in business. Not too long ago, Johnathan was right where you are. Lost, stuck, and consistently doubting himself, asking himself the same questions that are above.

The way he overcame these obstacles and began executing his vision was to find those in the same headspace/mindset as him. With each podcast, it’s our mission to solve a common problem we ALL have in business, together.

We navigate how failure was possible, celebrate success, and highlight strategies that we can apply into our business, IMMEDIATELY after the episode is over.

Johnathan Grzybowski’s Story

Johnathan Grzybowski is the cofounder of Penji, an on-demand graphic design subscription that delivers graphic designs projects fast. Powered by a simple management platform for communication and organization, all at an affordable flat monthly rate.

Grzybowski started his entrepreneurial career through a landscaping company at age 14. Several years later he had a multi year career at Apple Inc, ultimately leading him to the quitting and starting his own digital design and marketing agency called Waterfront Media.

During his agency years, he experienced a problem that ultimately stunned the growth of his agency. He couldn’t meet the demand of the design requests needed in order to serve his customer base. For years Johnathan tried to hire students, find reliable freelancers, and even tried to hire a staff in-house. Ultimately, none of these options were the right fit and began doing ALL of the graphic design requests for his customers HIMSELF to save time and money.

With no design background, he was stuck. He didn’t know what to do. He ran his business blind.

After feeling lost for years with no backup plan or strategy to grow, he took it upon himself to change. Johnathan launched the podcast in 2016 with the expectation to stop feeling lost and to help others who were in the same shoes as him, years before.

Johnathan continues to use this podcast to further support his personal mission to help those execute their vision to profitability.