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Listen weekly to from the top entrepreneurs in the world. Blind Entrepreneurship helps entrepreneurs execute their vision to profitability.

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What is Blind Entrepreneurship?

Blind Entrepreneurship is the action of running your business/going to work every single day, but not knowing what is going to happen to your business tomorrow. We cure blindness in ALL aspect of business to help you increase your profitability.

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8 Mandatory Resources ALL Successful Startups NEED

Building a startup is tough. This document is meant as a guide to take real advice from the fastest growing startups as to how they have been able to scale and maintain profitability. For you to apply what they’ve done in YOUR business, today!

iTUNES Review

Blind Entrepreneurship is a gem! I love learning about these entrepreneurs, their journey, ups and downs, and their valuable insights. Johnathan creates a comfortable conversation with interesting and thoughtful questions. I also very much enjoy the diversity of the podcast guests. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should absolutely check out this show.


Entrepreneurship is a hot topic and this show brings it to the base of what matter most. I grew up with parents who were entrepreneurs and that helped me a ton to get my business of the ground. You’ll find similar support in this podcast. I can sense the feel of family. Keep up the good work and make things happen!

@Millennial Eshippers

I love this podcast. It provides me with so much inspiration.


Johnathan is a fantastic interviewer and a great guy. His podcast is packed with useful information that you need in your brain! His guests are super interesting and I ALWAYS walk away with some at least one nugget of information that I can apply to make my life and business better.


You can not miss this podcast. Johnathan, the host, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurs. His expert guest offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens.

@ Brooke Craven

Amazing podcast with challenging questions and insightful conversation. Highly recommend it to current and new entrepreneurs alike.